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Prelude in music

Princess Rose’s musical journey began at the tender age of 2, with a miniature piano gift from none other than Santa Claus himself!
Inspired by her early fascination with American tunes, she embarked on a melodic odyssey that would shape her destiny with music, singing and dancing.

“I sing an American song!”


At the age of 5, Princess Rose stepped into the grand hall of the Conservatory of Art and Music in her hometown in France.
Guided by the talented Mrs. Dupont, a renowned concertist, Princess Rose’s musical acumen blossomed. 
Her passion for the piano led her to showcase her talents at the prestigious Conservatory selection contest, where her star began to rise.


Princess Rose’s dedication to her craft led to numerous accolades, including gold medals at the Conservatory of Art and Music for her piano virtuosity and soprano performances when singing the “Mozart Requiem.”
Her musical journey extended beyond the Conservatory, gracing cathedrals and castles with her angelic voice and masterful piano performances, sometimes in duets with other music instruments.

high notes in academia

As Princess Rose navigated the challenges of adolescence, she not only led her school’s choir as one of the principal vocalists but also harmonized with a philharmonic orchestra.
A crossroads beckoned at 18, forcing her to choose between the demanding pursuit of music at the Conservatory of Art and Music and the allure of academia.
A Master’s degree in Business Studies in the city of La Rochelle (France) at 23 marked the beginning of a new movement in Princess Rose’s life.

A symphony for THE EARTH

Embracing her calling, Princess Rose ventured into the realm of environmental preservation.
At 28, she founded her market and environmental research agency in Monaco, collaborating with the government, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and businesses to compose harmonies of sustainability plans that resonated for over 15 melodious years.

Rediscovering the Melody

In 2016, surrounded by the musical tapestry of Italy, Princess Rose felt the void in her life: music. The inspiration flowed, and she composed 20 songs in a month, realizing that her soul craved the expression only music could provide.
The journey back, however, wasn’t a cakewalk; it required relentless practice, rediscovering her singing voice, and mastering the art of playing the piano anew.

Resonance of Creation

Undeterred, Princess Rose immersed herself in the technical aspects of music creation.
From creating her own recording studio to mastering the art of sound engineering, she embraced every note of learning.
Her debut song, “Loving Eyes”, released in 2018, marked the beginning of Princess Rose’s musical renaissance, accompanied by Pedro Guerne’s soulful guitar.


With a newfound zeal, Princess Rose crafted a repertoire of love and romantic rock songs.
“Miss Liberty”, released in 2019, echoed through the halls of cinema, featuring in “The Scream of the Eagle,” while “She is the One” showcased her international collaboration in 2019 too. The symphony continued with 14 more releases, including “Guys Rock Green” in 2019, “Moonlight Serenade”  and “Monaco Rose” both in 2020, “Be Free” in 2022 and “Virginia” in 2023. Princess Rose songs can be discovered here.

A voice who rocks the PLANET

In 2019, Princess Rose was selected as a singer in the band of the earth, rockin1000. At Musikmesse, she helped promote several artists about the most famous rock bands.
Princess Rose took part in the European Contest for songwriting at Musikmesse in Germany with her song “Loving Eyes” and she was selected among the 10 European finalists by a Jury composed of different organization, among them Universal Music. Still at Musikmesse, Princess Rose organized a media event to promote music internationally. The same year, Princess Rose participated in the rockin1000 summer concert in the Commerzbank-Arena Stadium of Frankfurt for an audience of 29,000.

A rose among the stars

The same year, Princess Rose participated in the rockin1000 summer concert in the Stadium of Franckfurt for an audience of 29,000.
Since 2021, Princess Rose has made her show go on for the planet. She has been singing on Starmaker very famous international cover with very talentend musicans and singers and she created the online music shows  “It’s raining men”,  thanks to the Starmarker Community to showcase some amazing male voices.

Princess rose and the phantom of the opera

In 2024, Princess Rose launched a new singing show with Starmaker called “The Phantom of the Opera”,  a music show that celebrates the musicians and singers who sometimes wander in darkness while still having an amazing heart. Indeed, life is often made of black and red colors, and music is always by our side to recall it to us.
Among the songs, we find “the Phantom of the Opera”,
Mustang Sally”, “Ain’t no sunshine”, “What a wonderful world”, “Besame mucho”, “Lady in red”, “Bella Ciao”, and so much more… 

Musical Ambassador for the planet

Beyond the studio and stage, Princess Rose graced international events and festivals, uniting hearts with her music and her voice resonated as a beacon of love and unity, echoing the values she holds dear. 
In every chord and lyric, Princess Rose continues to weave a musical tapestry that transcends boundaries, spreading love and universal unity through the timeless language of music.

princess rose took part in...

* European Mobility Week in Monaco (2017).
* Caherciveen Festival in Ireland (2017).
* Christmas Carols with children in Ventimiglia (2018).
* European Music Contest at Musikmesse in 2019 (finalist with the song “Loving Eyes”).
* The Beatles Week in Italy (2016-2020).
* Earth Day, concert at the United Nations (2020).
* Together at Home, concert at the United Nations to fight against Covid19 (2020).
* Rockin1000 – singer (Frankfurt Arena Stadium in Germany in 2019).
* D-Day commemorations with the U.S Army in France (from 2018 to 2023).
* Music show “It’s raining men” with talented male singers from Starmaker (from 2023).
* Christmas show “Santa is coming to town” with talented male singers from Starmaker (from 2023).
* Music Show “The Phantom of the Opera” with Starmaker (from 2024).

princess rose, the lady in red IN MONTE-CARLO